The Foliage Report tracks changes in six geographic regions in the United States. Kindly click on the drop-down to select the region you’re looking for.

For reference, the color legend within each map is broken down below:

0-9% Little to No Color
10-29% Low Color
30-59% Moderate Color
60-79% High Color
80-100% Peak Color

Here are some FAQs I get often:

How often are the reports released? Every week from mid-September to mid-November.

How is Foliage pronounced? Some pronounce Fo-le-ij while others pronounce it as Foi-lij, both ways are not incorrect.

What about Canada, Japan, and Europe? At this time, we are only focused on the United States.

Why is Hawaii not included? Hawaii is the only state in the United States where there is no real color change. Many trees there do bloom with flowers but do not change colors.