Kyle L. Cotner
Founder and Owner

Rachel Walker
Chief Communications Officer

Rachel joined The Foliage Report as the Chief Communications Officer in 2023. She brings her almost decade experience of political communications to The Foliage Report.

B. Dean Berry (aka Keystone Prime)
Senior Field Correspondent

Keystone Prime joined The Foliage Report as a Field Correspondent covering Pennsylvania and surrounding states in 2023. A storm chaser and videographer by trade, Keystone Prime has been in the field since 1997, with his work seen on WeatherNation, The Weather Channel, Ryan Hall Y’All, ABC, NBC, CBS, and other national outlets, since 2018. Dean provides live-recorded update hits for The Foliage Report for Pennsylvania and surrounding states on a recurring basis from September through November, with occasional forecast and commentary appearances in the off-season.

Panelist Evan Fisher - Carolina Weather Group

Evan Fisher
Foliage Expert and Consultant

In 2021, Evan Fisher joined The Foliage Report as an expert not only for his beloved North Carolina mountains but also compiling information for KML files to be distributed to media partners.

Evan graduated from UNC Asheville in the spring of 2023 with an undergraduate degree in Atmospheric Sciences, he is currently in grad school attending North Carolina State University.

On September 1st, 2023, Evan started Explore Fall, a website partnered up with The Foliage Report to track autumn colors.

Gopinath Jogu
GIS and KML Consultant

Jogu started helping out The Foliage Report in 2023 to create KML files for television meteorologists across the United States. He is a GIS expert and holds a Master’s Degree, Geographic Information Science and Cartography from the University of Leicester.