Report as of October 4th, 2021


Jeff Foliage reports peak color found in Vermont, he stated to me “TONs of color found in Vermont today” as he flew his drone earlier today. 

Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island will soon be showing great color as temperatures continue to stay cooler and the days are shorter. 


Every state in this region is now showing at least low color. Minnesota continues to be the prize of the region though you’ll notice “Past Peak” is now creeping into the state. The high plains are showing some great color, specifically in North Dakota.  

Michigan is off to a little bit of a slower start this year but that doesn’t mean the colors will not be as vibrant. 


We finally can report of color in the DC Beltway! Low color can now be found in parts of the DMV. Southwest Virginia is now also showing some low to moderate color.

For best color, you’ll want to head to the higher elevations of West “by God” Virginia. 


Colors are now starting to show up more in the southeast. Northwest Arkansas is in low color and the higher elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains are showing high color very close to peak color.  This fast color movement can be attributed to cooler temperatures and less sunlight. 

For the best color in this region, you’ll want to go to Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. 


It is time to welcome parts of Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas to the low color category. 

For the best color, you’ll want to see the lovely yellow aspen trees in Taos, New Mexico.


The West is currently showing some absolutely fantastic colors. While we are currently past peak in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and parts of Colorado this does not mean that there still isn’t some color to be seen!

Alaska is finally in its last week showing fall foliage. 

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