Report as of September 20th, 2021


We’re starting to see some changes in this region. Compared to last year, we’re about a week later. For the best color, you’ll want to head to Vermont. I’m sure our great friend Jeff Foliage will be heading out this weekend to capture the wonderful foliage. 


Don’tcha know that if you’re looking for the best color you’ll want to head to the state of Minnesota. Notice for more significant changes next week. I expect colors to start to creep into more of the region.


Crab Cakes, Football, AND Foliage that’s what Maryland does! Also start humming “Country Roads” for West Virginia because colors are starting to show up in the state. 


In the higher elevations of North Carolina and Tennessee, you’ll notice some low colors. I’m expecting this region to soon start showing much more color. 


What a difference a week makes, color can now be seen in the best foliage areas in New Mexico such as the Taos area. My car said it was 105 degrees today in Dallas, so I can easily report zero change at this time. 


Alaska is now moving quickly to past peak color. Alaska is the most underrated foliage state around but it is a very quick season. Fairbanks is already getting snow. 

The rest of the region is moving along nicely but many areas will be of poor color this year due to the summer’s devastating wildfires. In Colorado, they received a nice amount of rain this late summer so colors should be vibrant. 

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