Report as of September 27th, 2021


Photographer and New England foliage expert, Jeff Foliage, reports from his weekend trip up to Maine that some areas around Rangeley are now at high color and should be at least a week away until peak. Though, he is a bit upset that he didn’t see a moose.  


Minnesota is coming in really quickly with peak colors in a few portions of the state. My half-brother, Craig Cotner, will be reporting from his annual trip to Wisconsin over the next few weeks. 


This region is off to a slower start compared to last year. With less daylight and cooler temperatures, be on the lookout for this region to start to show some fantastic color. The best color can be seen in West Virginia. 


Professor Howie (aka The Fall Color Guy) reports that there is low color in high elevations of North Carolina. He states that “Fall colors are just showing up in the high country.” He also expects with less sunlight and cooler temperatures, the colors will start changing quickly. 

Also, there is some low color now in NW Arkansas, pretty early but still wonderful.


High color can now be seen in Taos, New Mexico, and moderate color in north-central New Mexico. 

Like I’ve said many times before, New Mexico is one of the most underrated states for fall foliage. 


Over the past week, the West region has really started to show some fantastic colors. Alaska is starting to end its season, the best color can be found around Anchorage. 

Many subscribers, such as Allison W., Caralee C., Lacellise K., Lizzie L., and Sam C. report to me that colors are either high or at peak fall color. 

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